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Anger Management

Do Your Co-Workers Seem to Push Your Buttons?

Are you easily frustrated or annoyed with fellow students? your day?

Do you hate losing or making mistakes so much it ruins your entire day?

Anger Management Can Help You Regain Control of Your Emotions and Improve Your Reaction!

Anger is a normal and healthy response to what you perceive as a threat. It can be used for a constructive purpose. However, if you take anger to the extreme you may need the tools that will help you slow your reaction so you can take the time to think about the situation at hand. Anger management can help you decrease the heightened physiological and emotional arousal that you experience when feeling irritated, frustrated, mad, or annoyed.

When you go to therapy for anger management, you will learn how to properly identify your stressors and take the appropriate steps to stay calm. By doing this, one can handle even very tense situations with a positive, constructive approach. While you cannot avoid all things, people, or settings that can make you angry, you can learn how to control your reactions so you can respond in a socially appropriate manner.

What Causes Anger?

Anger can result from many different events. You can become angry from internal events, which can be viewed as failures, frustrations, or injustices. People can become angry due to external events, which could include humiliations, loss of privileges or property, or teasing. Anger can also lead to externalizing behaviors such as tantrums, fights, or verbal arguments or internalizing behaviors such as depression, sulking, or refusing to speak.

There are many instances in which people respond to anger with aggression. Aggression, a biological function of anger, helps prepare individuals to fight off threats. If angry impulses sometimes take over, these inappropriate displays of anger could be the indicator of a more serious emotional or mental health issue. These reactions and impulses can be managed with treatment.

When you come to Rocky Mountain Counseling Coaching Consulting, your therapist will help to guide you in slowing your response to anger so you can take the time to identify the reason for your feelings. Anger’s roots could be buried in grief, trauma, or addiction, so you could be naturally inclined to get temporary relief by lashing out at others rather than looking at the actual reason for the anger. With the help of a therapist, you can overcome these problems and respond to anger much more appropriately.

 Do You Lash Out at Others? We Can Help You Find the True Reason You are Angry



Is Anger Management Effective?
Yes, research has shown that anger management is very effective. It is an approach that provides a distinct, clear, set of guidelines designed to help you reach recovery. You will be given a controlled platform so you can release your emotions while working toward achieving positive and constructive responsive instead of destructive or negative responses. You will be encouraged to examine the circumstances that set off your anger so you can become more aware of your varying states of emotion at each level of arousal. You are then taught how using those physiological signs as a map to gain control of your anger. Your therapist will work with you to determine if your anger responses are defense mechanisms resulting from other concerns, such as anxiety or depression.

You Can Benefit from Anger Management!

Many people can benefit from anger management therapy. Healthcare professionals, court-referred clients, business professionals, students, and those who are self-referred can improve their relationship skills with therapy. Others who may find therapy beneficial include:

Those who are known to display bullying type behaviors

Those who have suffered behavioral changes after traumatic brain injury

People who have intellectual or developmental delays

Those addicted to drugs or alcohol or who are in recovery

Those who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

People who have mental or cognitive health issues that have difficulty                      controlling impulses

Rocky Mountain Counseling Coaching Consulting offers anger management therapy for children, adolescents, adults, and couples. We have experienced mental health professionals who can assist clients of all ages. Call us today for your free consultation at (720) 252-0345.

Meet our Team

Cory Reid-Vanas,

Therapist Coach Consultant, Founder of RM3C

Cory earned his Master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy from the University of Colorado Denver. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Colorado and a Colorado State Child & Family Investigator. Cory was born and raised in upstate New York and has been living in the western United States for over ten years. He is an avid outdoors-man and enjoys spending time on his bicycle, growing organic vegetables and exploring the natural world.

With over ten years of experience working with individuals, youth, couples and families, Cory has worked diligently to empower his clients to effectively navigate difficult moments in their lives. He guides his clients in developing healthy coping skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Each individual and family is considered the expert of their own lives and will participate in a collaboration with Cory to understand needs, establish specific goals, develop healthy choices, and create purpose.

Growth happens through accessing strengths to tackle barriers and establish strategies for successful living. Cory believes that people who are given the opportunity to learn, practice and integrate effective strategies for working through challenges and celebrating success can positively participate and develop healthy relationships with their family, social circles, and communities. Cory is dedicated and inspired by his clients.

Cory Reid-Vanas, <br>MA LMFT

Cory Reid-Vanas,

Therapist Coach Consultant, Founder of RM3C

Hinde Newton,

Independent Contract Therapist

Hinde earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Pennsylvania in 2004. She has been living and practicing psychology in Colorado since 2007 when she became a Licensed Professional Counselor. Hinde enjoys doing yoga, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, gardening, writing, and exploring the beauty of Colorado’s mountains.

Hinde has over a decade of experience working with families, children, and adolescents. She believes it is important to meet clients where they are and to act as a guide in helping them access their strengths and develop their positive coping skills. Hinde has worked most recently, for the last five years, as a therapist in an elementary school where she had the privilege of helping children and families manage emotions safely and learn to communicate effectively and support each other.

Hinde also has 5 years of experience working in residential and day treatment settings with adolescents. Hinde has a unique ability to gain the trust of adolescents who, due to their past experiences, have a difficult time opening up to adults in their lives.

Hinde will provide a safe, caring, nonjudgmental relationship for her clients so that they can become fully actualized and achieve their treatment goals in a timely manner. Hinde specializes in working with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma, and can also work with adults who are feeling trapped in negative patterns of thinking and behavior. She looks forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Hinde Newton, <br>MS LPC

Hinde Newton,

Independent Contract Therapist

Hannah Lacaire,

Independent Contract Therapist

Hannah earned her Master’s Degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was born in Massachusetts and has been living in Colorado for two years. Hannah enjoys being active, including exploring the mountains, skiing, and playing basketball. She is currently a licensed professional counselor in the State of Colorado.

Hannah has been working with children and adolescents for seven years, beginning her clinical work in emergency facilities and group home settings where she refined various crisis support plans and assessments.

She has transitioned her career into more community based settings, such as outpatient and in-home therapy over the past two years. Hannah has enjoyed helping others maintain stability within the community successfully, and out of other restrictive living environments.

Hannah believes that when an individual is provided with the proper tools to understand and cope with their experiences, these internal resources can then be applied not only in the moment, but for a lifetime. It is important for people to be aware of their strengths, potential, and positive attributes in order to achieve short and long-terms goals successfully. Hannah is committed in helping others recognize these strengths and reach desired goals by collaborating with individuals and their external supports.

Hannah Lacaire, <br>MA LPC

Hannah Lacaire,

Independent Contract Therapist


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